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What ever you are looking to achieve from your property portfolio we are here to help. We are expert at supplying Buy To Lets, Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs), Blocks Of Flats and Commercial Opportunities.  Please Contact Us to be added to our list and we will email you when opportunities become available. Also Contact Us if you want to know more about our services and what to talk through your options.

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Ready To Go Properties For Investors

Ready to Go - Property investments that are ready to go. These properties are often ready to bring you income from day one. Sometimes they will have a tenant is situ with ensures you have your bills covered right from the start. And sometimes they are in a good condition and will rent very quickly with maybe just a few things to do to ensure they are safe and compliant with the current rules and regulations. 


This type of investment is ideal for those that do not like the delay and stress of refurbishment. We are happy to talk you thorough the positives and negatives of using this tactic in your investing portfolio.

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Buy And Refurbish Properties For Investors


Buy and Refurbish – The properties that fall into this category are more challenging than the ‘ready to go’ investments, however they can produce better returns for your cash if done right. There are delays in getting the income as a full scope of refurbishment is requires and decisions must be made on the finish you want and the fixtures and fittings as well as what builders to use.


This type of investment is perfect for the more hands on investor that is happy to deal with the challenges that dealing with a full refurbishment can bring. We of course are on hand to guide you through the positives and negatives of this tactic. 

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Care Package For Building Projects

Care Package -  This is a perfect service for investors that chose the ‘Buy and Refurbish’ property but have to try and oversee the project from a distance. We will be your eyes on the project we regular visits on site and reporting back to you, the investor, with photos and videos on the progress of your building team.

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Orientation Days In Our Areas

Orientation Days – The location of your property is all important and to help you get a good understand of the area you are investing in we regularly run Orientation days (Half or Full Days). We will take you around either Doncaster, Barnsley or Rotherham showing you the housing stock and what drives the rental demand in these areas.

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Viewings for you

Viewings for you – If you have found an investment opportunity in the South Yorkshire area, but live too far away to do just the one viewing then give us a call and we will do the viewing for you. We give you a full appraisal on the opportunity as we see it with our opinion on demand for that property and comparable sales and rentals if there are any and of course photos.

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